Source: Aveda Flickr

Take what you know about balayage and flip it and then reverse it. That’s the concept behind the next big highlighting trend that’s making its rounds on the Internet. The name speaks for itself: Instead of a darker base with painted-on, lighter highlights, or darker roots fading into a lighter gradient, reverse balayage focuses on painting on darker strands and root stretching.
Learn how to transition a guest back to a rooted look with high contrast dimension.

The way it’s painted on should still give you plenty of root area untouched, so that your grow-out is incredibly natural. “The point is that you can grow your color out naturally without the hard line, so it’s all your personal choice of what you’re looking for in your color.” (quote from Vogue)

You will learn:
• All the reverse and dimensional techniques
• How to integrate Demi+ for all the reverse and dimensional techniques
• How to transition guests to a more dimensional look
• How to take your guest’s natural color and stretch it down to erase foil lines
• How to give your guest the perfect lived in look

Tools Needed:
• hair clips
• brushes
• blow dryer
• tri-pod, doll head (provided)