Source: Aveda Flickr

Tim Dueñas has traveled the world educating stylists and creating curriculum for Aveda and Arrojo. Tim specializes in precision straight-razor cutting and styling. He believes that texture and shape are not separate elements but together can create a wearable, modern aesthetic. Tim’s technical mastery with hair has taken him behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week and to television with “Project Runway” and other shows. In this class, once participants grasp the basics, “We can move forward into gaining a greater understanding of the razor,” Tim says, “and how we can really get the most out of it.”


  • Understanding the razor
  • How to cut a bob and variations creating graduation, removing weight, working with elevation, layering and texturizing
  • Razor techniques for long layers as well as mid-length and short hair
  • How to incorporate product as a tool for the final look