Marc Zollicoffer

Director, Professional Spa Education & Sales

Marc Zollicoffer has more than 23 years of experience in stress-relieving spa therapies, including massage, yoga, meditation, aromaology and Ayurveda. He began his career with Aveda as a massage therapist before becoming an educator and innovator in the massage and spa industries. Marc has a passion for holistic philosophy and mind-body therapies. His specialties include deep tissue massage, acupressure, energy work and foot reflexology. He has been trained in craniosacral therapy, facial stretch therapy, lymphatic massage and trigger point therapy. Marc is a sought-after global educator who develops and teaches spa workshops worldwide. He inspires students and spa professionals by incorporating multiple treatment modalities into his teaching. Marc seeks to treat and teach with a wide variety of products and techniques that seamlessly merge ancient wisdom and practices with modern science.