Dynamics of Graduation

Level: Propel


Perfect for: Anyone looking to master the fundamentals of graduation

You’re the authoritative voice on what’s best for your guest. Yet telling your guest about the technique you think is perfect for them and performing it are two entirely different things. In Dynamics of Graduation, learn how to use a strong technical yet minimalistic approach to cutting hair, recognizing when graduation would be the ideal technique to give your guest the hair of their dreams. This full day class begins with a lecture in the morning and finishes with two hands-on sessions in the afternoon.

Learn the principle elements of graduation including:

  • The types of graduation that exist
  • The physics of weight build up
  • Adjusting angle or elevation to impact shape
  • How to perform graduation at any length
  • Importance of sectioning
  • The difference in forms associated with graduation
  • Sectioning techniques for control

Master the technicalities of cutting through graduation and watch your creativity soar.

Tripod required.

Tuition: $250