Product education you can bring back to your salon teams.

QTR 1- July/August. Glow Bar & Aveda’s Latest.
Be the first to experience Aveda’s Glow Bar. Step into the world of Aveda skin care and discover products through a hands-on educational event that you can reproduce for your salon team members to experience as well as guests. Learn to host a Glow Bar Event that will increase sales and help your team and guests glow.
Learn more about how to use Aveda’s latest products:

Speed of Light™ • Texture Tonic • Heat Relief™ • Rinseless Refresh™ • Cherry Almond Leave-In • Sap Moss™


  • Shammy or Washcloth
  • Hand Towel
  • Medium-sized Bowl
  • Headband
  • Hand Mirror
  • Pen

QTR 2 – October. All things Holiday!
You will see every guest you have during the months of November and December, so be ready for them. Learn to execute Aveda Holiday flawlessly from the shopping and gifting experience to holiday hair and makeup looks!


  • Notebook
  • Pen

Complimentary ($100 value)